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What Do We Do?
BNBPay Wallet incorporates ERC-1363 EIP to allows customers to spend crypto at ecommerce stores and local cafe or restaurant, all for only pennies in fees. Our objectives are to provide a decentralized, private and instant payment that costs just pennies.

Decentralized payment

BNBPay offers decentralized payment which eliminates the need for independent third parties such as trustees, processors, clearing houses, exchanges, and settlement organizations, cutting out the middleman.

Fixed transfer

Whether you are paying or transferring $5 or $500,000, you only pay pennies in transfer fee.

the identity

Pseudonymous payment protecting you from tracking from 3rd parties


Near-instant payment confirmation
BNBPay Ecosystem
BNBPay Wallet
Make and track payment, stake and earn BPAY tokens. Supports iOS + Android
BNBPay Ecommerce
Ecommerce plugin to enable online payments for Shopify and major ecommerce platforms
BNBPay Point of Sales (POS) Terminal
Crypto POS terminal for brick and mortar merchants
BNBPay Reward system
Reward system to reward users as they spend their $BPAY and other BSC tokens
BNBPay Wallet
Mobile QuickPay

Complete your payment using crypto at cafe, restaurant, and retail stores

Make ecommerce payment

Skip online forms and complete online checkout process in just a few taps

Earn $BPAY tokens

Pay using wallet and earn $BPAY tokens. Making payment has never been more rewarding.

Staking Tokens

Earn passive income by staking your tokens to earn fixed interest or earn farming rewards in $BPAY

Track your crypto expenses

Transaction History helps you to track your crypto income and expenses

List of Merchants Onboard


Pay with your crypto tokens in the following merchants when our payment is officially launched.

We are working hard to get your preferred merchants onboard for your convenience! Stay tuned for more!

Vamos Coffee Roastery
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Bun & Cock
Rieti, Lazio, Italy
Karya Remaja Motor
Ngroto Village, Cepu, Central Java, Indonesia
$BPAY Token
Circulating Supply:
  • 60% Launch Supply:  6,000,000,000
  • 15% Burned:  1,500,000,000
  • 10% Payment Rewards:  1,000,000,000
  • 10% Team & Development:  1,000,000,000
  • 5% Marketing:  500,000,000
  • Launch Supply
  • Burned
  • Payment Rewards
  • Team & Development
  • Marketing

$BPAY PancakeSwap Trading Tokenomics

BNBPAY tokenomics are designed with early investors in mind.
The 10% transaction tax rewards all existing hodlers and discourage MEV front running bots from siphoning value from $BPAY investors.
5% of transaction fees are distributed to $BPAY hodlers. Get rewarded just by holding.
Marketing & Dev Tax
3% of transaction fees will be distributed to dev and marketing wallet to further improve BNBPay products and to speed up the product adoption rate
Auto $BPAY Buyback
2% of transaction fees is used to auto buyback $BPAY in order to reduce supply and increase $BPAY’s value


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BNBPay Ecommerce Plugin
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iOS + Android BNBPay Wallet
BNBPay POS Terminal roll-out
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Core Team



Zave Huang
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Teason Phang

How To Buy?

1. Download MetaMask

Head to metamask.io and download their wallet to your Smart Phone or Chrome/Firefox browser.

2. Load your wallet with BNB

Purchase BNB or BSC to fund your wallet with. These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain environment.

3. Go to PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is where you’ll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $BPAY

4. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

In the Pancake Swap trade screen

Click “Connect” at the top right of the screen, and then navigate to “Trade” on the left sidebar.

If using Metamask, go to Settings –> Networks –> Add Network
And put in this information…

Network Name: Smart Chain
New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com
Network Name: Smart Chain

5. Select $BPAY in PancakeSwap

Select $BPAY in the “To” section.
( if $BPAY does not appear, click on the “Select a Currency” button, and then enter the $BPAY token contract: 0xeBC76079Da0c245faE7225b58a57A54809b40618 )

6. Swap $BPAY!

Click “Settings” at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 13 or higher (dependent on demand). Simply enter the amount that you want to buy and swap away!

1. Download Trust Wallet

Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase)

2. Load your wallet with BNB

Purchase BNB or BSC to fund your wallet with. These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain environment.

3. Go the the Trust Wallet DApps tab and click on PancakeSwap

Pancake Swap is an exchange that allows users to swap BNB with defi coins. iPhone users must enable trust browser first.

4. Select $BPAY

Make sure version V2
 is selected on PancakeSwap, click ‘Select A Currency’ and enter the contract: 0xeBC76079Da0c245faE7225b58a57A54809b40618

5. Swap for $BPAY!

(If the transaction does not go through, try setting your slippage to 13% or higher in “Settings”)


BNBPay is built on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and has no affilitaion with any other products of companies with that name. BNBPay is not affiliated with Binance or any of Binance products. It incorporates ERC-1363 EIP and implementation to enable ecommerce and offline merchant payments, allowing them access a decentralised, instant payments with only pennies of transaction fee.  BNBPay is making instant crypto payments possible.

BPAY is a BNBPay’s core token and has no affiliation with any other products of companies with that name. It can be used in BNBPay to make instant crypto payments and it can be used as a utility token in various payment transactions. More details to be revealed soon.

The ERC1363 is an ERC-20 compatible token that makes payment in cryptocurrency more efficient by saving gas fees. It can be used to create a token payable crowdsale, selling services for tokens, paying invoices, making subscriptions, use them for a specific utility and many other purposes.

  • Replacing traditional payments such as visa, mastercard and paypal who charges up to 3% per transaction.
  • Decentralised payment, no single point of failure
  • Cross border transfers without fear of 3rd party monitoring
  • Fast, cheap and reliable – cost pennies to transfer no matter the amount
  • Making payment rewarding like never before
  • Yes. Tokens will be burned gradually to ensure $BPAY stays deflationary.
  • 2% of all transaction fees will be used to buyback $BPAY (buyback then burn to reduce supply).

BNBPay accepts all BSC tokens. Be it a meme token or a utility token, it can be used to pay for expenses with participated BNBPay merchants.

This is because sending transactions on BSC is incredibly efficient and will cost much less gas. Which makes it suitable for over the counter purchase. BNBPay aims to provide a crypto payment experience faster than or as fast as to the traditional credit card payment.

The Future of Merchant Crypto Payments

BNBPay and $BPAY have no affiliation with any other products of companies with that or similar to the name.
Any content in this website does not and should not constitute any financial advice.

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